Online Giving

Online Giving

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Tithes and Offerings The Bible gives us a clear understanding that we are to live generous lives. God has blessed each of us greatly and the proper response is one of gratitude as we give Him back the first 10% (the tithe) of our income to the work of ministry in the local church. Over and above that, we gratefully give to support the work of ministries and missions locally and around the world through offerings. This is a personal matter and one that each person must work through on their own in prayer before God as they decide what to give. (Malachi 3:10, Mark 12:41-44, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15)

Credit Cards and Debt

Debt can be an overwhelming burden and is a major cause of stress in individuals and families. While we make giving with credit cards available for convenience, we do not encourage the use of credit cards in this way unless one is paying those cards off monthly. Our preferred form of giving payment would be through a bank account directly. The company we use to process contributions uses the highest available levels of security to protect all involved. Again, for those who prefer the convenience and accounting of credit cards, that method is available. Please, do not go into debt by carrying a balance from month to month on a credit card in order to make a contribution. We encourage all who can and will use this service to consider using their bank account instead.

Thank You

We thank you for your support and generosity in giving to the work of ministry here locally and around the world through the 98 missionaries and missions organizations that we support monthly.